How do I submit a PAT or oral?

How do I submit a PAT or oral?

Your first step is to ensure that the Oral has been assessed by a competent assessor (Grades 10 and 11) or an Impaq-approved assessor (Grade 12). PATs must be assessed by an assessor, in line with the requirements for the relevant subject. Please refer to the Subject Requirements to make sure the relevant guidelines are followed. 

Certain PATs and orals can be uploaded to OLP. Tasks that can be uploaded will show "Awaiting upload" on the Assessments screen. Be sure to include the following documents when uploading a PAT or oral: 
  1. Mark sheet completed by the assessor   
  2. Barcoded cover page signed by the assessor   
  3. Colour photos (where relevant) as per the guidelines for the particular PAT   
  4. Assessor’s CV (in cases where competent assessors are indicated)   
  5. Assessor’s approval letter, in cases where Impaq-Approved Assessors are indicated.  
When "manual submission is indicated next to an assessment task/component, the above should be submitted to Impaq in person or via courier by the final submission date as indicated on the Impaq calendar.  

Grade 10 & 11: Once the PAT or oral has been assessed, the guardian/tutor can capture these marks on OLP.  
Grade 12: Impaq captures marks on OLP if all submitted documents are in order. 

**Learners registered with the Impaq Online School will receive instructions on the submission of PATs and orals from their teachers. 



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