What happens if a book is not available in electronic format for miEbooks?

What happens if a book is not available in electronic format for miEbooks?

E-books may not be available for certain subjects. In a case like this, you will receive a hardcopy version of the subject material for which you have registered.
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      Did you opt for e-books? You’ll find your e-books on the miEbooks app. Check out the welcome email that you would have received upon registration for your unique miEbooks login details. Download the app from your app store and use these details to ...
    • miEbooks doesn't seem to be working - what now?

      If you are experiencing issues with the miEbooks app, please ensure that you have checked the following: o Does your device meet the minimum required specifications? Please refer to the device specifications here. o Are you connected to the internet? ...
    • How do I access the e-books I've purchased?

      Your e-books should be available on the miEbooks application within two (2) working days after receiving your miEbooks welcome email. Please check your junk/spam folder if you have not received this yet. Internet access is required for downloading ...
    • How do I use miEbooks?

      Please watch this short video for a quick and easy guide to using the miEbooks app.
    • Can I print my e-books?

      E-books cannot be printed and are only made available through the e-reader application, miEbooks. The e-books are copyright protected, and can therefore not be transferred or printed. The license you purchase upon registration is an annual license, ...