What happens when I experience load shedding?

What happens when I experience load shedding?

Even though we are sensitive to the impact that load shedding or power outages can have on connectivity and class attendance, we should at all times consider the impact of absenteeism on academic performance.

All classes, tests and exams take place online at the Impaq Online School. It is, therefore, a requirement that a backup power system should be in place. This will allow for uninterrupted academic classes and/or assessment sessions. This backup system should also include an additional stable internet connection during power outages.

As per the SACAI guidelines, load shedding will not be accepted as a valid reason for any missed assessment.

Kindly note that in the case that learners are not able to write a test or exam due to prolonged power outages (not "normal" load shedding), a declaration form with supporting documents would need to be completed and submitted to the onlineschool@impaq.co.za.


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