What is SACAI's condonation policy and what does this mean for Grade 12 candidates?

What is SACAI's condonation policy and what does this mean for Grade 12 candidates?

SACAI's condonation policy is applied to help Grade 12 candidates meet the pass requirements for the National Senior Certificate (NSC). The pass requirements are:
  1. 40% for Home Language
  2. 40% for any two other subjects
  3. 30% for any three other subjects
If a candidate is very close to passing a subject, needing a maximum of 2%, SACAI may condone this small difference. However, condonation only applies to a single subject and is only granted if it ensures the candidate obtains their NSC.

For instance, if a candidate has passed two subjects with 40% and three others with 30%, but got 39% for their Home Language, SACAI may condone the 1% difference, allowing the candidate to pass. Similarly, if a learner needs 1–2% to pass a subject at 30%, and this would meet the overall pass requirements, SACAI may condone that specific subject.

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