What is SBA?

What is SBA?

The CAPS uses SBA (or site-based assessment) to assess a learner's performance. This is a process of assessment using different forms of formal and informal evaluation throughout the year instead of solely focusing on examinations. 
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    • Who marks the tests, tasks and exams for Grades 4 to 9?

      Grade 4 to 9 assessments can be marked by the parent/guardian or tutor using the memorandums provided. Certain assessment components are accompanied by a rubric that indicates how the assessment component should be answered, as well as how to mark ...
    • Can I apply to resubmit assessment components?

      No tests or exams can be resubmitted. Other assessment components, whether already marked or not, can be resubmitted under certain conditions: If the last phase of the PAT is submitted and all the phases already have marks, a PAT cannot be ...
    • What are the pass requirements for Grades 10 to 12?

      Learning targets must be met throughout the year, which contribute to a learner's year mark or SBA. This mark is calculated by combining various continuous assessment components. In the language subjects and certain practical subjects, there are ...
    • Who marks the preliminary exam?

      Impaq’s panel of markers mark the preliminary exam. All content-related issues will be discussed during the memorandum meeting after the conclusion of an exam and adjustments will be made to the memo if required. No learner will be disadvantaged.
    • Who marks the assessments for Grades 1 to 3?

      As the parent/guardian, you may mark Grade 1 to 3 assessments. It is in the best interest of the learner for the parent to ensure that the results of the assessment tasks are valid and reliable by implementing measures such as the invigilation of the ...