When do Grade 4 to 9 learners need to write tests and exams?

When do Grade 4 to 9 learners need to write tests and exams?

Grade 4 to 9 learners don't write tests according to a set timetable, they may write tests according to the suggested timetable available on the Optimi Learning Portal (OLP) or when they feel ready to do so and tests are available for download at any time. However, exams will only be made available on particular dates as specified by the Impaq Calendar, which can be found on OLP under Resources > General Documents.

Learners in Grades 4 to 9 can write their tests and exams at home or at a tutor centre, but it is important to create exam-like conditions to get young learners used to writing under strict supervision. This will avoid learners having trouble with tests and exams in the FET Phase (Grades 10 to 12).
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    • Where do invigilators access tests and exams?

      Invigilators must download (and upload) tests and exams from/to the Optimi Learning Portal. As an approved invigilator, you can log in to the portal using these details: Username: your ID number Password: the same as created for my.Impaq
    • Who can download and/or upload question papers?

      Learners in Grades 10 to 12 must be linked to an invigilator, as only invigilators will be able to download question papers and upload the papers once complete.
    • Who marks the tests, tasks and exams for Grades 4 to 9?

      Grade 4 to 9 assessments can be marked by the parent/guardian or tutor using the memorandums provided. Certain assessment components are accompanied by a rubric that indicates how the assessment component should be answered, as well as how to mark ...
    • What is an invigilator and why do I need one?

      Invigilators must be appointed to oversee all Homeschooling Grade 10 to 12 tests and exams. Question papers will only be made available to invigilators. The account holder/guardian can appoint an invigilator to oversee tests and exams by sending an ...
    • Where can I find assessments and memorandums?

      Tests, tasks, examinations, and memorandums for Grades 4 to 9 are made available only in electronic format on the Optimi Learning Portal (OLP). To download assessments and memorandums: Log in to OLP using your login details as guardian/tutor. Select ...