Where can I find the Grade R portfolio book?

Where can I find the Grade R portfolio book?

The Grade R portfolio book is only available in electronic format - please download and print the portfolio book from the Optimi Learning Portal. To do this, simply log in to OLP, navigate to the Assessment screen, and click on Download Formal Assessments.

The assessment memos are also available on OLP - click on Download Assessment Memo to download this. 
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      We are taking learning online! Grade 4 to 9 portfolio books are no longer distributed in hard copy format. Instead, download tasks directly from the Optimi Learning Portal. Simply navigate to Assessments, select the relevant subject and click on the ...
    • How do I use Impaq's Grade R facilitator guides and learner portfolio books?

      Please make use of the Grade R facilitator's guides that provide step-by-step guidance for parents throughout the year. There are 4 guides, one for each term. Learner assessments can be found in the portfolio books - these are continuous assessments; ...
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