What is a progress report?

What is a progress report?

The progress report shows all of the tasks that have been submitted, as well as the type of task, the task weighting, and the contribution percentage. Each assessment component contributes to the learner's SBA. Click here to learn more. 
  1. Mark: This column indicates the actual mark the learner received before converting it to a percentage.
  2. Weight: This indicates the percentage that a task contributes towards the total year mark for the subject. All the different weights indicated per subject add up to 100%. The weight contributions are in line with the CAPS requirements.
  3. Percentage contribution: The % contribution is calculated by multiplying the learner's mark achieved (Mark) by the weight (Weight) that the assessment component contributes towards the final mark. Example: Mark x Weight = % contribution. The % contribution for each task/assessment component completed throughout the year is added to obtain the learner's final mark.

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